8 Things I Would Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

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It's not been long that I exited my twenties and celebrated the beginning of a new decade. If you want to find out how I like being 30 , check my 8 reasons why turning 30 is going to be great. Nonetheless, I did enjoy my twenties. I got to go to college, I spent some time abroad - in France and the UK - discovered some of my favorite places in the world and made friendships that I hope will last my entire life. However despite all the fun that I had, sometimes, the twenties were a bit rocky. ... Continue Reading

How To Practice Mindfulness – A Beginner’s Guide

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What I love about mindfulness is that it is so simple. I don’t like having to sit down half an hour or an hour to meditate. Often there is no time. But I have time to be mindful. Everyday, everywhere. Be it on my bike to work, on the subway, during my break at work, on the couch at home: it only takes a few minutes here and there to develop a mindful mindset. Although I have read that it is better to develop a routine for mindfulness practice, I find that, at least for me, this is not ... Continue Reading

8 Reasons Why Turning 30 Is Going To Be Great

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Growing up, I always thought 30-somethings were stone-old. And then a few months ago, it was my turn. There it was. The 30. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the big “3”. I was afraid I was leaving the years of bustling life at university, of spending time abroad, of discovering myself. Of having time to live adventures. Of having time to waste. I felt I was losing something precious. In the last few months before my birthday, as the day was unrelentingly approaching and I was ... Continue Reading

6 Signs You Need A Vacation – And What To Do About It

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This year, I booked my vacation for mid-September. This meant I could avoid overcrowded hotels and overpriced flights. However, it also meant that I would have to wait quite a while and that the gap between my last year’s vacation and this year’s one would be quite big. It also meant that in the meantime everyone around me would leave for their holidays or return with a sunkissed face and lots of stories to tell. Especially if the last vacation is already a while ago, or the next one ... Continue Reading