Silence Is Golden – Wait, Let Me Just Quickly Write This One Post

Blog Post Image Silence Is Golden
I was sitting in front of my laptop, staring at the bright lit screen, as it was cutting through the breaking darkness of my room. I was thinking about my next blog post. In my mind, a plethora of topics spread out in front of me, ready to be picked out and turned into a nice quick read. But somehow, the words did not want to come. The screen remained empty. The keyboard untouched. I, silent. What was going on? As I already mentioned in my blog post about happy endings, today, we are online ... Continue Reading

Happy Endings Are What We Make Of It

Blog Post Image Happy Endings
We live in a fast-paced world. We are connected 24/7, we buy our food online, have transferred socializing to the online world and don’t question digital money transfer. We date online, we meet friends online, we have job interviews online. But when it comes to relationships, the truth is, humans struggle because of their own advancements. We strive for perfection. For the ideal. For the magical “it” of which movies, books and ads set the example. We want it all. The happy ending. In ... Continue Reading

Why Looking Forward Is Better Than Looking Backward

Blog Post Image Looking Forward
Life can be a peculiar tangle of heavily used roads, busy junctions, hidden alleys, untrodden paths and overlooked exits. An abundance of variation. A plethora of possibility. Random. Cluttered. Unpredictable. Out of this pool of combination one series of events will ultimately form us, define us and shape our existence. A stretch of time, that - at the end of our life - we will look back on, able to unerringly single out the most significant victories, setbacks and turning points. Sure, we ... Continue Reading