6 Signs You Need A Vacation – And What To Do About It

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This year, I booked my vacation for mid-September. This meant I could avoid overcrowded hotels and overpriced flights. However, it also meant that I would have to wait quite a while and that the gap between my last year’s vacation and this year’s one would be quite big.

It also meant that in the meantime everyone around me would leave for their holidays or return with a sunkissed face and lots of stories to tell. Especially if the last vacation is already a while ago, or the next one isn’t right around the corner, motivation and energy levels can fall quite low.

These are the signs, and what you can do:

#1 You are familiar with the term “window vacation shopping”

You keep looking for vacation offers online. It doesn’t matter that you have already booked your vacation for the year, it just feels good to look at all the opportunities that unfold just one click away.
What to do: Go and book one. It doesn’t have to be three weeks on the Maldives. But there might be time and budget to go on a last-minute weekend trip somewhere. Perks: The anticipation caused by the spontaneity will give you an energy boost. As will the trip.

#2 Weekends are not enough to recharge your batteries

You feel as exhausted on Monday morning as you do on Friday night. Your are torn between spending your weekend sleeping and making the most of your time off.
What to do: Find time during the week to relax. It will help to not be overly exhausted on a Friday evening. How about having an early night during the week? Or having a massage? Or going for a walk after work to unwind? Treat yourself and don’t wait for the weekend. Find those moments to destress and relax every day.

#3 Your. Body. Needs. A. Break.

Headaches. Tiredness. Loss of appetite. Back pains: Your body will tell you when it is time to recharge.
What to do: Listen to those signals. Don’t fight them. They will make themselves heard. Take short breaks at work and get some fresh air. Walk around and stretch your back. Get enough sleep and stay hydrated. Try to not run late for things – the stress will make it worse. Be gentle with yourself.

#4 You envy all those travel bloggers

When you open Instagram, you instantly want to drown your phone in one of those emerald green bays that fill your feed.
What to do: Don’t throw your phone away. You will need it, once you are on vacation. 🙂 Instead, go for a walk and take a few nice pictures yourself. Be it the forest, fields, a lakeside, or a parc. There is beauty everywhere.

#5 Pizza and snacks are your meal plan

You stack deep frozen pizzas and bags of chips in your kitchen like it’s the end of the day because you are too tired to prepare a meal.
What to do: Keep it simple. It can be easy and healthy at the same time. How about some bread, some cherry tomatoes (you don’t even have to cut those up!) and some cheese for dinner? Optional: a glass of red wine. Put it on a wooden plate and you will instantly feel like on an Italian picnic. You get the idea.

#6 Socialising is strenuous

Meeting with friends over dinner or going to the movies seems like something you did in another life. Socialising and keeping in touch feels like a chore. You are tired and all you want to do after work is crash on the couch. Preferably with some of #5.
What to do: It’s actually good for you to be among people, as it takes your mind off work and gives you new impulses. You laugh, you are with people you like and consequently, you destress. Instead of going out, you could ask a good friend to join you at home, order in, watch a good movie and just hang out. That way, you’ll have the comfort of being at home and the joy of being with a friend.

Finally: Throw yourself into planning your upcoming vacation. You’ll be happy and excited about the adventures you are going to live. You’ll have something to look forward to and the anticipation will make the wait definitely more bearable!

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