8 Reasons Why Turning 30 Is Going To Be Great

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Growing up, I always thought 30-somethings were stone-old. And then a few months ago, it was my turn. There it was. The 30. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the big “3”. I was afraid I was leaving the years of bustling life at university, of spending time abroad, of discovering myself. Of having time to live adventures. Of having time to waste. I felt I was losing something precious.

In the last few months before my birthday, as the day was unrelentingly approaching and I was counting the last days of my twenties, I felt the irreversibility of time as I have probably never before. It was the first time that life had so cruelly confronted me with the fact that I was aging.

But then my attitude changed. Slowly, almost imperceptibly did I discover the upsides of exiting my twenties. I realized I was still the same person. Being 29 and 364 days or 30 years and 0 days – there was no difference. I myself had put a tag on my 30-year-old self. And despite what society, parents or friends might think about what the life of a 30-year-old should look like, we are the ones behind the wheel. So I decided to reevaluate and put things into perspective. I was the still the same person, I had the same dreams, the same abilities, the same friends, the same family. I was just a few days older.

Instead of dreading the day, I was now looking forward to this new chapter in my life. And here is why:

#1 Self-confidence  

In my twenties, I wanted to belong. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to fit into a certain mold that was made up of other people’s values and expectations. I think a lot of twenty-somethings experience this. It’s probably something that most of us go through as a necessary step of growing up. Now, I care less about what others think. I am more self-confident – something that has come with much self-reflection and self-awareness. 

#2 The value of Friendships

I have learned about the value of a good friendship and I am trying to invest more time in the friendships I have. I have also become more selective in the choice of people I want to form new friendships with. I know what I am looking for in a friend. 

#3 Spending time with family

Family has become a big priority in my life. I value the time spent with my loved ones, the familiarity that comes with life-long closeness. I consider myself very lucky to be able to sit down with the people who know me, who know my story and who have been there every step of the way.

#4 I am my own best friend

Talking about friendships: I want to be my own best friend. This goes hand in hand with #1. Because I want myself to be happy. I deserve it. I am worth it. Every day. And that’s why I spoil myself. Be it the nice shirt that the twenty-something me thought wouldn’t be my style (I have now discovered that I have many styles and that my style is actually any style I choose) or a slow evening on the couch (#8).

#5 Time is a precious gift

I have come to know the value of time. If I waste some of it, I usually do so consciously. It’s one of my guilty pleasures, really. Apart from that, I try to live every moment to the fullest. I live more mindful. I collect memories. I am in the moment.  

#6 Self-care and conscious choices

Turning 30 has brought about age. The first wrinkles, the occasional grey hair. I am starting to make peace with the fact that I am aging (At least most of the time. Nobody said this part was easy 😉 ). I am now taking better care of my body than my careless 20-something self. I am trying to eat healthier. I am trying to be more active. I still eat the the occasional chocolate bar here and there. But I now make these choices consciously. 

#7 The financial means

I am not at university anymore. That does mean I am missing out on a few cool things. But that also means that I get to profit from a few other cool things. I get home after work and get to put my feet up. Same applies to the weekend. And more so – there is a paycheck coming in at the end of the month. Every month. In contrast to my 20-year-old self who was already bubbling with dreams and plans, I now have the means to realize at least some of those.

#8 Staying in on a Friday

… and proudly admitting so. Gone are the times where I felt I needed to justify myself for seclusion. I enjoy a slow night in, with a good movie or one of my favorite series. And that is okay. I no longer have the fear of missing out. I favor the things that truly make me happy, instead of going with the crowd.

New Chapter, new possibilities

So don’t be afraid of the 30. Instead, look forward to this new chapter of your life. It’s going to bring changes, it’s going to bring new opportunities. It’s going to unfold another side of you. Go discover yourself. It’s going to be great.

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